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Hoptimize makes everything easy.
How does a project work with Hoptimize in a few simple steps?


1 Quickly set up your employee list and send out invites through SMS.

2 You create the project, and its GPS zone is automatically set up with the address

3 Your employees clock in (if they are within the GPS zone).

4 They photograph their expense receipts.

5 Capturing photos and making notes about the project is made easy.

6 See your profits and budgets by category, all on the dashboard.

7 Hoptimize generates your timesheet with one click.

8 Bill your clients through email in just a minute and be notified when they've seen it.

9 Hoptimize automatically tracks unpaid invoices. Boost your chances of getting paid faster!

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  • I save time with templates
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Employee and Site Management

  • I no longer chase after time sheets
  • I pay for the actual hours worked

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Automated Invoicing

  • You save 20% of time and stop being overwhelmed with files

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Simplified Quick Entry Expense Receipts

Easier Administrative Management

  • Have an organized team that knows where it's going.
  • Communicate official messages to the team

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