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  • I save time with templates
  • I send more quotes, I win more projects

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Employee and Site Management

  • I no longer chase after time sheets
  • I pay for the actual hours worked

Employees Clocking In

Automated Invoicing

  • You save 20% of time and stop being overwhelmed with files

Automatic Invoice Creation

Simplified Quick Entry Expense Receipts

Easier Administrative Management

  • Have an organized team that knows where it's going.
  • Communicate official messages to the team

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  • Work/Family Balance
  • Get Paid Faster
  • RBQ
  • Better Internal Communication

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1 Save 15 minutes per quote, with 4 per month, your app pays for itself. Win one more and you've covered the app cost for the year.

2 Save 2 hours weekly with your team's time punches, your app is paid for.

3 Save 10 minutes of employee pay monthly, that covers the usage fee.

4 Save 15 minutes on building each invoice using the quote, monthly, this covers the app cost.

5 Invoice earlier (in 2 clicks) to get paid faster, directly impacting your cash flow and reducing pressure on you.

6 Save time on invoice payment reminders for those who "forgot" to pay. Get paid faster and stop wasting energy on it.

7 Know your real-time costs and profits for each project. Make better decisions that can quickly pay off the app.

8 Save time sending documents to your accountant. Send Excel files electronically straight away.

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Save time

Daily management made easier with Hoptimize

An app to do it all

Send more quotes, win more of them

Know your project costs and profits in real-time

No more lost expense receipts

Get paid faster (invoice in 2 clicks, automatic payment reminders)

Dashboards to understand your data

Automatic timesheets

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Our customers see a 3x greater growth than the industry average and do it with ease.

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Application note

4.7 on l'App Store.

How does it work?

  • Send quotes in minutes
  • Your client approves it on their portal
  • Schedule and set projects in your calendar
  • Track labour and material costs
  • Create timesheets automatically
  • Invoice in 2 clicks (including cost-plus invoices)
  • Send your financial reports to your accountant in Excel
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Pay for the package once a year and employees monthly based on actual usage for the month.

2 months free included in all our packages


Fixed price invoicing


Picture annotation

Time and Material invoicing

Cost-Plus invoicing

GPS Punch

Automatic Timesheets

Project Reports

Project and expense tracking

Planning calendar

Team messaging

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49$ /month

39$ /month

39$ /month

+10$ /employee


69$ /month

49$ /month

39$ /month

+10$ /employee


99$ /month

79$ /month

69$ /month

+10$ /employee


109$ /month

89$ /month

79$ /month

+12$ /employee