Hoptimize brings you to another level

Hoptimize's ease-of-use makes  life easy for you
Hoptimize is so easy to use that you can try it yourself through our website or install it and start using it in minutes. Unlike many other products that require several days of training, you'll be at ease with Hoptimize in only a few minutes.
Hoptimize will  save you many hours  per week
We're convinced that you will reduce your Admin time by at least 25%. How much is your time worth? $50/hr? More? Hoptimize allows you to produce invoices in only a minute. Your employees punch in themselves. Your timesheets are also produced in only a minute. Overdue accounts receive an automatic follow-up email. All tasks take less time.
Increase your  cash flow  by sending invoices and getting paid faster
Invoices are sent more quickly. A payment tracking system ensures customers get invoices and then sends a friendly follow-up email at regular intervals until invoices are paid. Nothing falls through the cracks, administration is simplified and payments come in more quickly! No more awkward calls reminding customers to pay :-)
Better control  of projects
Hoptimize organizes everything for you : from time stamps validating location by GPS, to photos, notes and expenses. Everything is saved and stored in the correct project folders, to make life easy for you or for your accountant! View the project dashboard and quickly get notified if you're going over budget.
Claim ALL  of your expenses
With a single click, all purchase receipts can be photographed on the spot, saved into Hoptimize and added for the project. If needed, they can also be sent automatically with purchase receipts as additional proof. NO LOSSES OF PURCHASE RECEIPTS.
Hoptimize  inspires trust  within your team
Hoptimize eliminates paperwork and potential disagreements related to exact worked hours. The whole team can now agree to the same numbers. Employees can view their hours. Everything is clear, eliminating any doubt and uncertainty. Hoptimize inspires trust for both sides, and more importantly for customers!
Stop refusing projects  because you're too busy
Hoptimize reduces your admin hours to the point where you can take on more projects ... or work less on weekends! Try it and see how much time you'll save. Our customers save up to 8 hours per working week. And that's surely significant for you.
 Impress your customers 
Well-documented worked hours. A control panel showing project status and photos on progress. Fast and accurate billing with proof of purchases. Your customers will be impressed by your professionalism in managing your projects
 Save time and money! Hoptimize pays for itself 
How much is your time, your employees' time and other external parties' time worth? Be ahead of your competitors! ☺
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