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Construction Project Management - Intelligent and Simplified


Automatic and intelligent billing for the construction industry

Q: How does Hoptimize invoicing work for the construction industry?
Invoicing is extremely efficient. During a project or at the end of a project, each invoice takes only a minute to complete. It is sent by email to your customer. You can see on your dashboard that your customer has viewed the invoice. Once the payment is received, you simply indicate that the invoice has been paid. And that's all.
Q: How easy is it to see which invoices haven't been paid?
Very easy. You can see it all under the Invoicing tab. For any project or all company invoices. It's easy to track your payments. In addition, Hoptimize sends emails to your customers to remind them to pay. Payments are no longer forgotten! And no more awkward phone calls to remind customers to pay!
Q: Does Hoptimize allow you to invoice in Cost-Plus configuration?
Yes. In addition to invoicing projects at fixed prices, it allows to automatically invoice in Cost-plus configuration in only a minute. It calculates hours worked by your teams, it totals up all expenses entered (scanned receipts), it enters your chosen profit margin (i.e.: 15%) and sends the invoice by email to your customer.